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white Let’s Begin Dean Justice
Innovation Catalyst & Author

Location: Melbourne, Australia

My life revolves around technology and the web. It’s a simple and sobering realisation that I’ve managed, somehow, to grow accustomed to. I’m a family man, yet always in contact with my clients and in control of my businesses.


The United States of Intelligence | The Productivity Science

Let’s talk about the book first..

The United States of Intelligence is an interactive book designed to revolutionise the human mindset.

The reason other books or productivity approaches are not working for many is that we are unable to navigate our technological, data-driven busy lives by using ancient theories and methods.

It’s imperative to understand the productivity ideology, to be able to modify our ecology and implement the productivity methodologies into our day to day life and build a productive lifestyle.

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So what is MediWallet?

MediWallet is a contactless medical wallet that holds your essentials medical information non-specific to your identity. It also acts as your virtual medical ID.

This information will be made available publicly via URL and QR Code on your device for contactless data transfer with a medical team or anyone assisting you (ICE – In case of Emergency).

You can also use your MediWallet app during your Telehealth.

The app can also hold your Medicare/insurance card on your device.

MediWallet enables first responders and emergency medical staff to instantly access your life-saving health information you want to share by using only a QR code.

People with autoimmune disorders and allergies also finds it very helpful.

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EverKard | Live Business Card

The most important component of any business is the human connection. EverKard app makes if possible to create a live business card to stay connected forever. 

EverKard is the only card you ever need. 

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EverSight Agency | Your Next Creative Partner!

We provide a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) solution for all your business digital needs!

Such as: 

  • App Development
  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • Online Marketing and more




We strive to assist you to build a FUTURE-READY WORKFORCE for your FUTURE-READY WORKSPACE!

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